There once was a man that so feared making a mistake that he made no decisions at all. Which proved to be the wrong thing to do.
John Morrow

We started building this new web site about a month ago and the progress continues slowly. I have almost 400 products and a section that will display over 600 images of KNOWN WORKS.
I expect the majority of the site to be completed by April. The shopping cart is showing but will not be connected to PAYPAL until May. If you are interested in any works, contact me by e-mail or cell (call or text) info under CONTACTS. above.
There are 2 videos so far one under ART WORKS – ORIGINALS. it is a time lapsed progression of the painting “Ozone Falls” Another one is under GALLERY was created by Ogdensburg city historian, Julie Madlin and features the history of
The Clark Mansion in which my wife Brenda and I live and operate an art gallery and frame shop.
I anticipate several more videos to come both informational and instructional. Thanks for your interest.
John Morrow


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At the conclusion of this video, other various art videos will appear.
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